About us

Vecinos de South Pasadena is a non-profit organization that brings together Latinos, friends, and all interested neighbors to form a stronger connection to the city of South Pasadena, California, while maintaining and sharing our rich cultural heritage with others.

As a member, you will meet people who are making South Pasadena more accessible to all. Vecinos will empower you to tap into our network, develop friendships and give you a place to share and use your talents.

You can join the cultural, education, or membership committees and even develop a new project.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich the lives of South Pasadena residents by;

-Advancing the education of our children, ourselves and others
-Promoting Latino culture, family and community
-Contributing to the public life and the community at large of South Pasadena

Vecinos’ goal is to provide a forum for Latino writers, scholars, artists, workers and community role models to discuss books, films, education, careers, ideas and more.

Vecinos supports teachers, writers and other artists. We launched a book drive to purchase Latino theme-based books. We will donate books and funds to our public school libraries for this project. We plan to make this an annual effort. Please get involved and help us find creative ways to bring books into our classrooms and libraries.

Board of Directors


John Aceveco


vice president

Matilde Gonzalez



Dr. Adrian Acevedo



Bob SpykSMa



Janna Philpot