AP Daily: Practice Sessions

Students can prepare for upcoming AP Exams with these short, 15-minute video practice sessions led by experienced AP teachers. A new series of videos will be posted on YouTube and in AP Classroom on April 22 and can be watched at any time before the AP Exams.

Note: Practice sessions aren’t available for AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Art and Design, and AP world languages. However, videos on the Review page under Course Resources in AP Classroom are excellent preparation resources for these courses.

AP Daily Videos

These short, searchable videos are available for all AP courses, and students can watch them anytime. They cover all the content and skills needed in class that will be assessed on the AP Exam.

Study Past Questions

Students can get familiar with the kinds of questions they’ll see on their AP Exam by reviewing previous years’ Free Response Questions (FRQs). If their course isn’t listed, they can visit the Exam Preparation section of the About the Exam tab on the course page to see if FRQs are available.

Pro tip: AP Daily videos can be viewed with closed captioning. Closed captions are available for AP world language courses in both the course language and English. Your teen can find specific topics and information easily by searching the video transcript for particular words and phrases.