For 2024, Vecinos will proudly award up to $6,000 in scholarships ranging in amounts from $500 to $6,000 depending on number of deserving applicants and financial need.  Students attending community college are encouraged to apply for a maximum award of $500.   

This year awards will be presented at a Vecinos General Membership meeting June 2nd, 9 a.m. in the Community Room at the South Pasadena Library.


  1. Be a graduating high school senior for 2024.
  2. Attend SPHS, or be a South Pasadena resident (proof of residency will be required).
  3. Be accepted as a full-time undergraduate college student in fall 2024. This includes students attending any accredited postsecondary institution.
  4. Authorize Vecinos to pull your official high school transcripts.
  5. In case you are chosen for an award, you must submit a photo of yourself for publicity. The photo should be in color, with you in a neutral setting (clothing should not have  logos).  It could be your senior portrait. If no photo is submitted with application, your application will not be considered complete.  Keep this in mind as you think about applying, deadlines, etc. If the photo submitted doesn’t meet the criteria above, again the application will be considered incomplete.  Photos will not be seen by the judges.
  6. Submit a completed application (a link to the application can be found below when we’re accepting applications) including an essay portion requiring a 1,000 word (max) response to one, or more of essay prompts below.  Warning:  while the essay is the largest component of the application, there is much more to the application, including other short form writing responses. 
  7. Optional, although highly recommended: submit one letter of recommendation addressing your resilience, achievements or other positive character attributes.  Letters submitted will be edited by Vecinos to replace the student’s name with their ID number to anonymize.   Ask the author of the letter to email the letter from their work email (probably ends in .edu) to This is for letters of recommendation only, late applications to this email will not be considered.


The application and optional letter of recommendation (if submitting) are due by TUESDAY, May 14th, 8 a.m.


These prompts are here for students to consider if they’re a good fit to be a Vecinos Scholar. The essay is in no way the entirety of the application process.  To be considered, you must complete an application by following the submission instructions found on the application itself.  

The application link is only available when we are accepting applications, typically April through Mid May.  

  • The Latinx community is currently facing numerous challenges, including educational achievement gaps and economic inequality. In light of these and other challenges, how have your past experiences in the Latinx community shaped your identity and aspirations? In your essay, describe how you plan to use your unique perspective and skills to create positive change within the Latinx community. What specific actions will you take to address the issues facing the Latinx community, and how do you plan to measure the impact of your efforts?
  • The Latinx community has a rich history and cultural heritage, yet it often faces marginalization and erasure in mainstream society. In your essay, describe how you have actively worked to celebrate, preserve and uplift Latinx culture and traditions. How have your past contributions and engagement with the Latinx community impacted your views on society and community? Furthermore, outline your vision for how you will continue to engage with and promote Latinx culture as you enter adulthood and beyond. What specific actions will you take to ensure that Latinx voices are heard and celebrated, and how do you plan to measure the impact of your efforts on the community?5

Click HERE for the application

(link is only active when we are accepting application in the spring)

Thank you to all the applicants who submitted their applications before the deadline. We appreciate your interest in our scholarship program and the effort you put into your submissions.

For those who missed the deadline, we encourage you to explore other scholarship opportunities that may be available to you. It’s important to stay proactive and continue seeking out avenues for financial support in your educational journey.  We have compiled a list of other potential scholarships, you an find that page here.